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CBS recruiting for MWLL play
« on: November 07, 2010, 09:55:24 PM »
Hails Clansmen from Clan Blood Spirit.

We are looking for skilled players who are motivated and sincere to round out at least a five man team.

We are keen to have join mature players who would like to be or try being a Blood Spirit. The idiom is different than the other clans. We'd prefer North American candidates, though we will consider Brits, Ozzies or Kiwis. View our MWLL wiki entry.

Unit's main location: USA

Interested in recruits from overseas: Brits will be accepted, particularly those who have been Blood Spirits before.

Focus of activities: both casual and competitive

competitive: prefer planetary / campaign league

Main language: English

Voice server: We will use TS 2, 3 or, if necessary, Ventrilo

Web address: Our recruiting thread

Contact person: Khan Gremlich Johns, Loremaster Ryu, Oathmaster Nekhron Kirov or Galaxy Commander Trooper Thorn

How to contact: Contact me on (which is also my MSNIM tag) or via the website forum thread.

Things to consider:

"Any enemy who underestimates the Blood Spirits will pay a dear price. While other Clans may draw their strength from the animals that lent them their namesakes, we draw strength from the hearts of our fellow warriors, from the Warrior Spirit itself. Who can stand before that? -- Mechwarrior SpiritRunner "

The mission of every Blood Spirit is teamwork and camaraderie. We are a group of online warriors gathered together by the common bond of the game. We play online for sport and fun. In our quest for this; we support each other through thick and thin on-line, and, whenever possible, we do the same off-line as well. In the spirit of competition we strive to always better our skills, techniques and teamwork so that we may always challenge each other and our opponents to the best of our ability. We do not succeed alone, but as part of a whole team. We endeavor to achieve mutual team goals as a whole unit. While individual achievements comprise the foundation of our success, we nevertheless stand or fall as an entire unit regardless of your individual contributions.

The "Mandate" of the Blood Spirit are as follows:

1. Support your wing & team mates. They are amongst the best you can have. So train with them, have fun together.

2. Strive to better your personal skills and those of your wingmen and team mates. Guide each other to new heights of skill. Share new tactics and ideas with the Blood Spirit so that we, and ultimately the Clans, may all benefit.

3. Individual skills are not important compared to enjoyment of the game and teamwork. Blood Spirit success is measured by overall enjoyment of the game with your fellow warriors and achieving excellence in that teamwork - not individual kills or achievements.

4. Winning is fun, but fun is not necessarily winning.

5. Do not engage in "flaming" or respond to "flaming" on any of the league forums. If you have a problem with another unit - or an offending post - bring it up with your team mates to help put it in proper perspective. The Blood Spirit is above "petty" arguments with those outside the unit, let your leaders handle "offensive" players online.

6. The Blood Spirit ignores derogatory remarks in chat rooms and lobbies. Answering will never improve the situation, and only drag down the Blood Spirit to their level. Clan is above that.
7. In the BT universe, the Blood Spirit warriors were considered to be among the best. Strive to continue that tradition.

8. Three of our number are over 50 - Age and treachery will overcome youth and enthusiasm every time.

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