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All trainers interested in the SRMC please post here with your MWLL online game name.  This will allow new recruits who are directed to the website to recognize us.  All trainers will be general studies, if you want to teach a specialty program, please post that with your name.

The curriculum for this first wave is Mech Piloting and Combat.

0. General controls
        1. Pick a team and a spawnpoint (emphasize the difference between airfield and mech hangar, also mention apcs)
          2. Explain buy menu (BA stuff, when to buy ammo, what can be bought where etc.)
            3. Press tab and explain rank, progression and scoreboard information(!!!)
I.  Mech Combat
    1.  Basics
         A.  Purchase Uller A (No JJ or MASC to confuse new players)
         B.  Movement
              a.  Torso Twisting
              b.  Moving Forwards
              c.  Moving Backwards
              d.  Turning
              e.  Throttle management
              f.   Powering/Repairing/Selling your Mech
         C. Radar
                 a. Explain radar circles starting with map
                 b. Explain the radar system and the difference between active and passive
                 c. Explain systems (GECM, BAP, BHP, AECM)
                 d. Explain other systems located there (LAMS, MASC, C3)
                 e. Explain shared information (TAG and NARC)
         D.  Destroy target mech, sell Uller A, buy Uller Prime due to various weapon systems.
         E.  Weapons
              a.  Weapons groups (selection and modification)
              b.  Reticle information
              c.  Chain Firing
          d. Explain weapon's range (emphasis on weapons that exceed the displayed max. range and the damage drop off)
               e. Explain aspects of specific weapons (overheating ACs, MIN RANGE FOR LRMS (!!!))
         F.  Combat
             a.  Targeting
             b.  Aiming (concentrating fire, tactical disarming such as shooting the gauss off a Hollander)
             c.  Heat Management/Coolant
        G.  Group play
             a.  Communication
             b.  C-bill sharing
             c.  C3, Narc, ECM, LAMS, TAG
             d.  Radar Basics and Tactics
        H.  Sell Uller Prime, buy Osiris A
        I.  Advanced Controls
             a.  Jump Jets
             b.  MASC
             c.  Terrain Management  (finding and using cover appropriately)
             d.  Armor Management
        J.  Final Test - duel Osiris A against RAC/2 equipped Hollander 2 C.  Hollander will offer token fire and try to manuever against the faster and better armed mech.

Trainers, please go through the curriculum, practice what you can, and be ready to work the new players hard.  The entire session shouldn't take more than an hour or so the first time you run through it.

Currently scheduled classes:

dsaZeus - 1on1 training with ~SJ~ Atlessa
Spartaner 251 - 1on1 training with ~SJ~ Atlessa
AtlasNR - currently no trainer, but is GMT-6.

I'm here to help as well.  I'm well rounded in all combat areas with no real specialties (though I tend to use more IS over Clan tech at the moment).  Been around since 0.1.0, had have a lot of small tips that can help the new ground pounder just starting out.

--adding in time--

GMT -6 (US central time)

Sign me up as a trainer as well. Have started playing with 0.2, brawling is my favorite kind of combat and I like coordinating teams. I can also pilot any asset in the game, be it tanks, aeros or mechs. Further I could also give some advice on ba combat.

Edit: GMT +1 for me as well.

I'll help as a basics trainer or assistant. Personally i focus on brawling (mostly quick strike) or direct fire support.

Probably useful to add relevant time-zones for setting up sessions... That would be GMT+1 for me.
Alternative language: German.


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