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Clan Ghost Bear's 72nd Assault Trinary, (Updated 06/06/11)
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Welcome Warriors.

I am Star Captain Christophe, callsign CoffiNail, in command of Clan Ghost Bear's 72nd Assault Trinary of the 304th Howling Bears Assault Cluster which is in  Night Howlers Galaxy (Beta). The unit is as the Ghost Bears themselves are, family. I am looking for a relaxed unit, you put in as much as you want into it. We play together, stomp around and fire off some SRMs and UACs! I am usually in the webchat which has a link at the top of the page for a easy way to contact, or toss me a pm, there is also a email icon feel free to try any I am often online. At the moment we are still building up our strength and are looking for applications from warriors interested in being part of the 72nd Assault Trinary. Both new warriors and those who have seen battle are welcome in our ranks.

Now what I meant as you put in as much as you want. I am very much a Battletech for life sort of guy, playing mechwarrior games on the snes and watching the BT cartoon as a youth, finding MW2 and GBL. Then the novels and a few sourcebooks.  I grew more on the fluff as MW3 and MW4 did not run on my pc for a long time. I am a Clanner, I am trying to RP one on the forums to a degree and would welcome other people who are interested. What? RPing is for sissys? No problem as long as you do not mind me asking quiaff to you... what? No idea what quiaff means? Well then, I might have some work to do. We are looking for all walks of life, the GB-72AT are just a bunch of guys here to have fun, why we are all here, quiaff? ;)

Now for some fluff.

This Trinary's history is full of honor and glory! Being part of Beta Galaxy they took part in the Operation Revival (IS: Invasion). In the fifth wave they defeated a company of mercenaries, capturing the planet Mannedorf and in the process found a hidden Star League base. They took part in the Battle of Tukayidd and with the rest of the 304th Assault cluster they easily defeated the Com Guards 121st Division on the decent upon Luk, but were recalled.  Later they were among the forces that held the city of Spanac even though two divisions (91st and 12th) of Com Guards attempted to pull the city from their grasp. During the Battle of Tukayyid, they fought and decimated the 121st Division of the Com Guards on the march to city of Luk, but was forced to turn back. They were among the forces that held the city of Spanac against raids by the Ninty-first and Twelfth Divisions. The unit defended mercenaries when they tried to reclaim the Star League base on Mannedorf and the 72nd  Trinary reclaimed the Ghost Bear Legacy from the Wolf Clan. The Trinary was split apart temporarily by the Ghost Bear Keshik to fill holes in other units. Now Recently with a flood of new cubs from the caverns of Alshain the glorious 72nd Assault Trinary is being reconstructed. Can you live up to the honor and glory?

So, Myself I am on at (GMT -6:00) afternoon occasionally, but mostly at night (4 or 5 nights at least) from around 20:00ish up to often 01:00. We are not rigid in schedules, as we all have lives we must attend to first and we are here to enjoy this amazingly wonderful simulator the DEVs here are bringing to us. Soon with Kodiaks ;)

I will note, as of this time we are under the impression the current Clan Ghost Bear is not active, and as such we are not affiliated with them, but any of their previous members may contact me for a Trial of Position within the Trinary, as well as anyone else for that matter.

Unit's main location: North America (Central Canada)
Interested in recruits from overseas: Yes if you are a
Focus of activities: Casual, at least for now
Main language: Star League English
Voice server: (Open team speak 3 server run by the WiE)
Web address:
Forum Address:
Contact person: CoffiNail or any GB-72AT member
How to contact:, best bet is to sign up to Enjin and then join the 72nd's Community.

Trial of Positions are held in game, please contact me for further details as well if you are interested in joining the 72nd and see me in game please let me know. I am sure members of the other team would love to assist in a quick on the spot Trial of Position. If I do not respond in game, keep trying I probably just missed it, I am a polite guy..

The 72nd Assault Trinary's Roster is as follows.

Command Star
Warrior ---
Warrior Smudge
Warrior Jaroth
Point Commander Talon
Star Captian CoffinNail

Second Star
Warrior ---
Warrior Praetorian
Warrior HoliDayZerg
Point Commander ---
Star Commander Chavez Ninja

Third Star
Warrior ---
Warrior Blu
Warrior ---
Point Commander DaVanichta
Star Commander Ancient Demise

Skill Warriors, Skill
-Star Captain Christophe (CoffiNail)
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