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12th Vegan Rangers
« on: January 14, 2011, 01:59:36 PM »

Formed during the 1st Succession War, sometime prior to Summer 2829, by Lawrence Helmund Nelson, rightful Duke of Verde.  Nelson was inspired by the book "Eleven Against the Stars" written by Loran, a Ranger in the Vega System. Loran was one of eleven Rangers, men who plied the long lonely routes between the two inhabited planets within the system. Nelson, on the run from enemies of his family, named himself the 12th Vegan Ranger. In this guise he started to build a mercenary unit to support his struggle to reclaim his birthright. Hence the 12th Vegan Rangers were born.
The 12th Vegan Rangers live by four main codes of behavior set out in Loran's book.
-A Ranger lives simply and honestly without delusions or manias
-A Ranger values loyalty, but does not follow others blindly
-A Ranger must serve people, and not corporations
-Above all, a Ranger must be free to follow his own destiny 
(more in depth history of the Rangers here...

So, do you have what it takes to be the next 12th Vegan Ranger?  This unit is open to whomever wishes to join and can pass a basic test of skill.  We are looking for mature players(18yrs old and up, though exceptions may be made) wanting to play 5v5 and 10v10 matches in the FCL ladder league. (Match types have changed for season 2, we are in the process of choosing which ladders to participate)     
Important: This is, and is not, a permanent unit, we will rotate active members as demand requires, after you have participated in three team battles you may be put back on the waiting list.  When 'space' opens you can ask to be reactivated. (<<The specifics of this are still under consideration) Lance leaders will be chosen by lancemate votes.  You must sign up for at least one 1v1 ladder of your choosing. (Your callsign will be posted at the bottom of this page, if you are currently an active member

Basically this is a unit for 'pub' type players wanting to play in a team/league environment.  I am not the leader of this unit, we all are.  Any of these preliminary rules that I have listed can be changed through a vote, and even inactive players have a vote.  We will start with a 12 person active roster, but even if demand is high, you will get your turn eventually.

Unit's main location: USA
Interested in recruits from overseas: Actively recruiting for Asia Pacific Zone!!! :)
Focus of activities: Forbidden Chaos League
If competitive, planetary / campaign league or ladder: Ladder only, for now. ;) :)
Main language: English
Voice server: Teamspeak 3
Web address: Active player roster will be posted at bottom of page.
Contact person: AlfalphaCat}12thVR{, SquareSphere}12thVR{
How to contact: PM on MWLL forums, or the 12thVR forums.

Current roster:
Gamma Regiment-North America                  AlfalphaCat}12thVR{
                                                                        Hiruma Kai}12thVR{
                                                                          The Thing}12thVR{
                                                                            Warlord Kentax}12thVR{

Beta Regiment-Asia/Pacific                     SnowGibbon}12thVR{

Alpha Regiment-Europe                        Hellfire}12thVR{
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I suck!! But WE are AWESOME.  We started a unit.  What's that?!  YOU WANNA TOUCH MY UNIT?!! :P ^^12thVR Recruitment Page(clickthepic) ;)