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[IPA] Independent Pubbers' Association
« on: January 27, 2011, 01:03:23 AM »
Independent Pubbers' Association

Please take a few moments to read this posting.

Have you deserted from your house army? Are you a soldier of fortune, hunting for old Star League glory? Did you bring shame to your Clan when your sexual affairs turned into a dozen of freebirths? Or are you a Solaris-Kid, seeking for fame on the battlefield?

There are many mechwarriors alone out there on the battlefields. Maybe they are expelled, maybe they just don't feel any need to conform to a certain group. But everyone needs some buddies to rely on, sometimes. This is what the Indepent Pubbers are for.

The Independent Pubbers are a laissez-faire organization with only two rules (see below). We welcome everyone who agrees upon these rules in our ranks.

Mission statement: What is it, and why?
So there are already a lot of units out there. Most of them seem to have some clan-character, not necessarily competitive but with a strong joint attitude and so on. On the other hand, the most players I see online are simply pubbers: pubbing through the public matches having fun. That's nice, but I've also notice one significant disadvantage: a lot of other players on the public servers don't really play in teams. They don't mind you running along with them, but it seems they don't really play as a tag-team or lance in most cases.

This is where the independent pubbers come in. In this unit, you'll be still a free pubber - you may do whatever you want, you have no unit-related tasks, you're totally free. But every member of the Independent Pubbers agrees to be each others' buddy on public matches, if need arises.
So finally you're not completely on your own anymore, if you meet another pubber you have someone who will be open for tactical suggestions, will back you up in a fight and covers your approach or retreat. The best thing is: Experience shows that collaborating players earn more c-bills on average than lonely wolfs! So it's a win-win for both.

And, you have a neat tag next to your name :)

Unit info
How to enlist: Simple! If you agree to our 2 rules, you're in! Drop me a PM though, so i can keep a list of members here. Be so kind to add the unit-tag [IPA] to your username and link to this thread in your signature - let others know of IPA, so everyone can join us!

Unit focus: Purely casual; you may engage in organized matches if you want so. But there will be no mandatory sessions or matches; it's pure about "hey guys you're there? Awesome, I'll back you up!"

Languages and communication: As most of the players speak English, this seems to be the most appropriate language. However, members are of course free to use the lingua they choose, as long as they're understood (in my case, you may also talk to me in German or Dutch). When we're playing together, we usually communicate via Teamspeak or the in-game chat (TS is preferred).

Geography: Well, I'm European. But as this unit is loosely organized this doesn't really matter.

Unit Rules (Code of Conduct)

1. This game is intended for FUN!
MWLL should bring fun to anyone, us as well as everyone else. By joining this unit you agree to not use unfair tactics (massive teamstacking, legging, baseraping...) without a damn good reason. Keep the game enjoyable for your enemy :)

2. Back your buddies up!
If you join a server, look if there's another pubber already. Join his team and at least ask if he would appreciate cooperation. Everyone profits from proper cooperation!

On lore and canonicity
I know that many of you value being part of the Battletech Universe. The Pubbers' Association doesn't look very canon at the first glance, but it really is! See, there are so many bountyhunters and mercaneries out there that it is really hard for freelancers to make their cut on the battlefield, or survive at all. So one day when you were hanging around on Outreach or Solaris, you've seen one of our bureaus and stepped in. Against a small fee and the agreement to our Code of Conduct you got a list of other, friendly freelancer with whom you can hook up, and who will assist you when you're in need or are stranded on some goddam rock and need a taxi to get picked up. It's still tough, the competition with bigger  merc units, but at least there's always another pubber in reach to whom you can turn for help.

The Pubbers' Association
Known Pubbers are:

Bravo Cadet

The Pubbers value their veterans:

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The Independent Pubbers' Association