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=WM= Clan Widowmaker
« on: February 01, 2011, 06:16:33 PM »


This is =WM=Vordermark Oathmaster of Clan Widowmaker ( ).  Our clan has been around the
Mechwarrior Community since '96.  Like many, we have been playing MW4 for the last decade and have been
active in MW2 Kali Grand Council, MW3 (while it lasted), and were even playing other game waiting until our
mechs could be fired up again:)

We are a well established Clan, but we also welcome new members who may be looking for a clan that is
established.  We currently use TS3 for Voice Comms, and we have our own dedicated server(s).  Great people
to hang with if you are looking to hang your hat somewhere between Combat Drops, and our members are
literally all over the world, from Australia, Philipines, Asia, Europe, Russia, but mostly from Canada and
the US.

Look us over at

Clan Widowmaker Oathmaster

Here is our Fact Sheet:


Unit's main location: USA
Interested in recruits from overseas: Limited access.  All that is required is you can make practice and Drop times.

Focus of activities: Both Casual, and competitive.

If competitive, planetary / campaign league or ladder: Currently in FCL Leage, but interested in planetary league Play when available.

Main language: English

Voice server: Teamspeak 3 Provided - Required to play on Team Battles.

Web address:

Contact Person:

How to contact:
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