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=KH= Kell Hounds
« on: February 04, 2011, 06:07:49 PM »

Welcome warriors, warriors to be, and generally combative anklebiters!

If you happen to be perusing this data, you have a more than even chance of being interested in joining our little band of misfits, or, you've seen us in operation and are wanting to leave some nasty graffiti. If you happen to be of the former kind I have a little bit of information for you, if the latter, sod off before we track your mercnet I.D. and drop a "less than lethal but still funny" bomb or two on wherever it leads us.

A little bit about us: We, are the Ghost Hounds, an auxiliary combat team floating between the two larger Hounds regiments. We are cross-trained to use Tanks, Aerospace assets, Battlemechs, and yes, even powered armor. However, our current focus is in being the kings of the skies. We are the misfits, the glorious fapp-ups, the hotshots, and the cranky. We're damn good and we know it, you know it too, or else you wouldn't be here trying to join up. We accept both Clanners and good ol' Spheroids in our ranks. If you happen to be a tuber though leave your  preconceptions at the door and be prepared for a bit of extra hazing unless you happen to be of the "fairer gender". Clanner society DOES have it's perks in this regard.

Anyways... We fight dirty, we fight hard, we fight to make our foes angry. Most of all though, we fight for the payday and the ice cold beer that comes afterwards. Since we're not a part of the "official" TO&E we can be a little more "broad" in our contracts, and a little more "broad" in our methods. We still reserve the right to decline or nullify a contract on moral and ethical grounds however, yes it IS in the fine print.

Time for some nitty-gritty.

Commanding officers: Cpt. Hale (Dimachaerus), Cpt. Thompson (Nakor)
Unit Structure: Two "combined arms" Companies
Unit Base: Arc Royal

We use callsigns in combat chosen by each pilot, though sometimes they will be "given" if a pilot does something to merit a nickname.

Current Roster and specialties:

Cpt. Dimachaerus - Aerospace superiority / Close Air Support
Cpt. Nakor - Vtol operations / Close Air Support
Mwr. Zalaran - Vtol operations / Close Air Support


Unit's main location: USA, EST timezone   
Interested in recruits from overseas: Yes
Focus of activities: Casually competitive. Not big enough for leagues yet.
Ladder: None yet.
Main language: ENGRISH!
Voice server: Vent or TS3, can host either.
Web address: Nada
Contact person: Dimachaerus
How to contact: I can be found quite often on the TLL TS3, but I can also be reached by PM on here. Nakor doesn't currently have a computer capable of playing MWLL, though he's working on it.

Nakor and I used to be very active in the NBT Mech4 Kell Hounds, all through vengeance, black knight, and then mercs. Played for YEARS with the Aussies. Some of you may know about good ol' Phatt, Wanker, Smutroy, Dan Shady, Pk/Dk, Bohrn, Anubis, Guardian... Ah the memories. However the unit kind of fell apart near the end what with PK kind of disappearing (on a crack binge... we think) and besides Guardian, and perhaps Smutroy, none of us but myself and Nakor are now in MWLL. Hopefully we can get this whole messy ball of crazy hound action rolling again.
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