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The Ongoing Positive Feedback thread

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Given some of the recent threads around here, I think it's high time we had a thread like this:  An official ongoing Positive Only thread.  This is a place to post about:

* Things you really like about the mod in general - that it does better than past MechWarrior games
* Changes made in updates, both past and upcoming, that you feel enhance the game
* The devs handling of any given situation around the game, be it a bug fix, changes to a map or inclusion of a much-wanted feature
While I am not an admin and cannot enforce the rules of the thread, there is but only one:

* If you can't say something nice, don't say it.  This includes to devs, other players who like a change you may not, or anybody.  Negative feedback belongs elsewhere!
Given this is one of the best incarnations of MechWarrior to date, I'm sure there's plenty of nice things to say.  Have at it!

I like this thread, and I like you.

Well, when the radar mechanics changed from 0.2 and 3 I was very, very pleased.  This mod has been the bees knees, and the bugs hugs since the start.  Keep it up, rock it like a socket guys!!! ;D ;D ;D

I'll start (in a post separate from the OP so it can remain separate and clear): 

One thing I've always wanted to praise to whoever is responsible:  How LRMs work.  This is the first MechWarrior where the minimum range thing feels perfect - aside from the fact they won't arm for IS, the upwards/downward arc even for Clan LRMs does a perfect job of making them feel just right.  They were really nailed perfectly.

Second, I love the fact extra care was given to including a lot of electronic packages.  This was one of the best things about 4, and they did a great job of blending the mechanics of 4 with CBT here giving many more options:  ECM, GECM, AECM, BAP, BHP, Enhanced Optics and even a great take on C3!  This really lets units have different grades of options and gives them more unique roles and lets the specialty units really shine.

And one more for now:  Being the first MechWarrior game to let me pilot a hovercraft in multiplayer.  I've always loved hovercraft in CBT, but until now, the only instance of getting to actually drive one was a single player mission in MW2: Mercs.  For the first time they are not only in MechWarrior, but perfectly balanced into the game.  While they started out terribly underpowered in the first release, they're now highly effective backstabbers and raiders.  Major props.

I love the way Scat's tumble when legged while JJ'ing.

I like the way that SRM's handle.

I love the tanks.


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