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3rd Drakøns (Free Rasalhague Republic)
« on: April 17, 2011, 07:56:47 PM »

The Third's insignia is a silver fox with the word "Memmingen" written underneath,
honoring both the "Silver Fox" Haakon Magnusson and the civilians slain on Memmingen.

The 3rd Drakøns was among the first of Free Rasalhague Republic's KungsArmé units formed,
seeing heavy action against the Clans during the inital invasion and Great Refusal.

After the Battle of Tukayyid, the surviving pilots of the Third were assigned to garrison Ueda
alongside the similar battered 4th Drakøns, the reconstructed unit reaching Battalion size by 3054 at the latest.

The Third are best known for their headlong rush into battle, with Viking war cries blastering from their speakers.øn

We are a group of finnish (20+yr) guys that met in EVE online and have since been playing various games together.
Most of us have played MechWarrior games before but not online.

After playing MWLL we wanted to form our own unit and start playing more competitively.
Currently we are only looking for finnish speaking members but this might change.

Unit's main location: Finland
Interested in recruits from overseas: Not at the moment
Focus of activities: Mostly casual
If competitive, planetary / campaign league or ladder: Ladder only for now
Main language: Finnish
Voice server: TS3 required
Web address: none
Contact person: =3.DS= MustaHermanni
How to contact: PM

      =3.DS= MustaHermanni
      =3.DS= Morihei
      =3.DS= Urho
      =3.DS= Kalma
      =3.DS= Chride
      =3.DS= Zodi
      =3.DS= Prote

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