Author Topic: a c-bill adjustment for the team with less members  (Read 1738 times)

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Re: a c-bill adjustment for the team with less members
« Reply #15 on: April 25, 2011, 12:30:23 AM »
There are a few issues with this idea:
1. at what point should the lower-numbered team be given the c-bill distribution?
MWLL teams are very dynamic from minute-to-minute and what might appear to be an imbalance can quickly be turned around by newcomers or losses on the opposing side.
2. unbalanced team numbers do not necessarily indicate relative team skill/performance balance.
3. such a system would introduce more opportunities for exploits and "c-bill farming" that we would then have to account for.  Teams even in number but getting your butts kicked?  Just have 5 of your guys disconnect; remaining players get a c-bill bounty, players reconnect (at their last ranks no less), share the profits.  Exploit City.

That's exactly what I was thinking.  The only viable way I can see to get around those was the concept of giving a slight % boost to c-bills earned in combat, based on the current team balance.  Having 5 people disconnect then wouldn't help you, unless you were doing tons of damage in the time they were disconnected - which would be time spent at a higher difficulty fighting outnumbered.  That way the benefit wouldn't carry over drastically when more people connect, but it'd still help boost cash flow for a team that has suddenly lost people.

So I think that could work.  A flat "here is bonus money since you spawned outnumbered" seems like it's just ripe for every thing you said, though.

Notably almost every time a game winds up with wildly different numbers, it's because one team quits (at least several people do) halfway through the mission for one reason or another, prompting the losing team to be upset about being outnumbered - when in fact the reason they are outnumbered is generally they were losing (prompting people to leave).  So it's not a huge deal, though it could still work in theory.
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