Author Topic: US Central Time Zone Mechwarrior looking for a Unit  (Read 1517 times)

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US Central Time Zone Mechwarrior looking for a Unit
« on: May 31, 2011, 04:01:48 AM »
I have been playing MWLL on and off since the release (mostly off due to computer hardware).  I haven't been able to really play consistently and effectvely until my recent hardware upgrade.  I am still getting comfortable with the game and still have a lot to learn.

About Me

Time zone: Central Standard Time (US)
Age: 24
Availability: Most days after 8:30 pm cst
Contact: Fourm pm, or msn messenger/email
What are you looking for in a unit:  I would prefer to play in a house unit or Merc, but I am openminded.  I would also like to play with a crowd around the 20+ age.  Not really looking to join a younger unit.

Here is what I can remember of my mechwarrior history.

MW2: Started at a young age, mostly played for fun
Mechcommander: playerd in the Starlance league under Team Banzai, and in the TFS league under The Black Watch
Mechwarrior 3:  Played in the starlance league (cannot remember unit name)
Mechcommander 2: played with The Black Watch
Mechwarrior 4: Played with GDL in the NBT4 league
MWLL: played for fun up to this point.