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die Clan Kohorte (dCK) recruiting
« on: June 03, 2011, 01:46:49 PM »

After having played a couple of clan wars we of dCK feel that we should increase our roster by 5 players in order to be more flexible and competitive. We have played the following units with the following results (chronological order): 7.WD:dCK (2:1), SJ:dCK (1:2), 12thVR:dCK (0:3), RDL:dCK (2:1). We plan to fight competitively more often and are also interested in playing 10 vs. 10 matches.

Requirements: Players interested must be using TS3 and Skype in order to coordinate with us.
- If you are interested you should be able to work as part of a team and be able to follow orders given to you
- dCK is a clan associated unit. As such our focus largely lies on clan assets
- Other players (clanner or pubber) are to be respected. Any sort of unsportsman like conduct brought to us will be persecuted and
   eventually punished
- Every major decision of the Clan will be taken by: Apriori, Warheart and Ad_Hominem together. In minor decisions a democratic principle will
  be followed
- Fluent English is good, German is better. If you speak neither we cannot accept you
- Reliability and punctuality

Bonus Qualifications:

- Good VTOL piloting (whilst overall skill should be present in mechs and tanks as well)
- Good Aero piloting (same as above)
- As a second star is about to be founded we would also need a player with command skill

In essence: dCK is not a totally dedicated unit focussing on war after war after war. However we are also not just casual.

Unit's main location: Germany (GMT+1)
Interested in recruits from overseas: No. Your timezone should be somewhere between GMT+3/-3
Focus of activities: Competitive
Planetary / campaign league or ladder: Clan wars and tournaments, no league involvement (a second star may however do so)
Main language: German
Voice server: TS3 server: IP: , Standard port
Web address: none
Tag: dCK
Contact person: dCK-Ad_Hominem (Threat author)
How to contact: PM me here on the forums
Roster: Ad_Hominem, Apriori, Quiet, Warheart, Yggdrasil


You will name in your PM the following facts:
1. Location (country suffices, if you are from Germany please also name your state)
2. Language
3. Why are you interested in dCK / competitive play
4. Former units (if any)

Every pm will be answered. If you are turned down you may not be given a reason for that. Please accept this then.

If we are interested in you, you will also have to pass a trial of position (unless we know how you play and thus render the trial unnecessary). The date for which will be scheduled together with you. If you make it into the newly found star, said star will have the right to pick a name for itsself and also pick its commander. The setup of stars may change eventually.

Need more information? Click the picture in my signature to be redirected to our wiki entry (there is also a link to our fictional background there).
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