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Clan Sea Fox [CSF]
« on: July 15, 2011, 01:21:04 AM »
We are the nomadic trader clan known once as Diamond Shark, but no more. As a clan it was decided to retake our old name as the old shame that was the diamond shark was so long ago, it was felt that the old name should be bore once more. We have better relations with the inner sphere than most clans, but not by much, and our relations with the other clans have been... strained at best. However, all parties respect our might in trading, as the arrival of CSF ships in local space usually means years worth of trading will soon follow. Inner Sphere leaders know that to attempt to skim our profits or bar our ships will result in their financial and military ruin. Due to our large economic power, the trader caste is elevated, but that does not mean we are by any means weak. Our home brewed mech designs, including the mighty Mad Cat MK2, are a true indication of our fighting prowess. We do not exclusively use mechs, and do not look down upon the other vehicles and methods of warfare.

Onto the clan itself

This clan is very relaxed and casual, with very few demands on new recruits save to show up for the fight. We do not usually have meetings, and currently have no dues to be paid. Our scheduling is based around universities and schooling, and is very frenetic, with events usually planned out well in advance (2 weeks), or completely spur of the moment. Our fighting style is still cautious, but is shaping up into something worthy of our clans proud name. If there is interest, we may begin to adopt more clan style events such as trials of position, but currently we are a fighting/pubbing clan. We do support our BA brothers, and welcome any play-style, so long as you can back it up with performance. Tactical Doctrine is loose, with only commands of larger importance being issued.

thank you for your interest and see you on the battlefield.

your activities on this forum represent this clan as a whole. I am not going to tolerate flames and trolls. if the mod's inform me of bad behavior you will be expelled/reprimanded ASAP

Unit's main location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Interested in recruits from overseas: if they can handle the time lag
Focus of activities: Casual
Main language: English/shoddy french
Voice server: TS3 on outreach
web address:
Contact person: Contact Ressk on this forum
How to contact: PM me here or at our website.
ClanTag: look for the [CSF] after a name

Khan: Ressk

Point Commander: Le_Colonel
Warrior: Ehsea
Warrior: Ojazer92

Warrior: Chronos (in reserve)
Warrior: HardLuck (retired)
Warrior: Valis (retired)
Warrior: spawn2142 (retired)
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