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Or an all hours one. I live in GMT-6 (Texas) but due to circumstances I am usually only on from 1am to noon my time. Because of this difference in play time I come up with the problem of not fitting in the times of groups in my time zone, and there are a number of over seas groups that don't like to pull members from over seas or there is a language barrier issue.

A bit about me. I am 25 and have been a gamer since 11, online gamer since 14. Most of my experince is with RPG's/MMORPG's. Most of the 'shooter' stuff I did before MWLL(Sorry if I offend anyone by calling it a shooter. It's not, but it shares alot of the aiming/leading/twitching elements) were just things like Halo and CoD4.

Before MW:LL my Battletech experince was woefully limited. It started with one of the best(in my opinion) computer games I ever played at MW2:Mercs, then in to MW3 and MW4. I didn't really play the expansions, I never got into the miniatures because I never knew anyone in to it and funds never really permitted anyways. I remember trying the RPG once at a con. (Was set right after a massive ISvClan fight that was played out with miniatures earlier. Never nice to be running from a fight when an Elemental rips open the top of your APC.) But that is it. However, with how great of a game I think MWLL is I have since tried to fix this glaring oversight in my nerd upbringing by reading as much as I can online about the setting of this game, the mechs and the technology, mindset, and strategies used in setting. I am not sure I am ready for a Trial of Position but I will be there soon!

As far as my skills in game I would say I am fairly good for both being a casual player and only having been here 2 months. I may not have the most kills but my score number is usually nothing to sneeze at. My preference leans towards clan side but I do admit I do not play pure tech. I think with the limited assets in game that it is too restricting of a play mode. This is not saying I won't do so, just not going to do it casually in pub games. I also tend to heavily favor being a tanker. Low to the ground heavily armored boxes of death. In mechs I generally prefer lights until I can afford heavies. Mediums never feel right for me and I tend to just get myself killed in a blaze of glory and bullets when I take out assaults.

Sorry for rambling. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

EDIT: Consider this post closed until further notice. I've been accepted into Clan Ghost Bear 72nd Assault Trinary as an officer after my good showing in my Trial of Position.
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