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Looking for clan
« on: August 25, 2011, 11:07:31 PM »
Well that MMO reference seemed better on paper, or pixels IDK.
Anyway im looking for a clan/community/whateverthehellyouwannacallit.
A few things if you must know.
Im not a terribly great player, but im probably not gonna lose you the game either.
I prefer either missile boats or close range beatsticks ALA hollander, although i do love me some xpl bushy action.
My aim isn't the best but i chalk that up to my crap mouse.
Im not MWuRetarded i was in a very old clan that stretched from the very start of battletech all the way to now, the only reason i don't play with them here is they haven't moved to MWLL.
The main reason i want to join a clan is i enjoy playing this game but playing with a team that isn't organized can be very annoy and ruin my game experience.
My schedule is very open currently and i tend to spend most of the time im not job hunting playing MWLL.
i don't usually complain about any cheesy tatics in the game to much.
I have TS2/TS3/Vent/Mumble, and i also have a mic, my voice isnt scratchy, high pitched, or squeaky, although my mic isnt the greatest.
i live in the west coast us, but i tend to spend alot of time playing games during the night hours as i have a hard time sleeping, my average free time (as i am trying to find a job) is around 15 hours give or take what im doing that day.
My cpmputer isnt terribly new so i suffer from stall outs and minor fps lag in huge battles but outside that i can play just fine.
Lastly i prefer innersphere to clan.

You can contact me via pm or
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