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Beyond pub! - mercenary to hire
« on: September 05, 2011, 08:10:55 AM »
Greetings, fellow warriors.
I would be very interested in "organized play", as I think it is called by some people. I want to see aspects of the game I have not known yet and experience things you don't get to see in a pub-game. Also, I would be interested in training my skills using proper training-setups.

The only thing suitable would be a "mercenary status". Being allowed to help you out in a single game would be equally appreciated as being allowed to be more involved and feel like a clan-member with the special right to quit whenever necessary.

Also, it would be nice if you had any means of communication outside of this forum.

What am I capable of doing? I can maneuver a 'Mech. I have been trying to learn how to use ASF - but despite it being much fun, I have not at all mastered that skill.
My 'Mech-skills aren't bad. I may not be able to beat the top-players out there, but usually I will not be easy prey.

You can contact me via PM or even this thread.

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