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Rookie pilot looking for team
« on: September 17, 2011, 02:30:32 PM »
Hi all

Just started out in MWLL, and am looking to join a team (no backstory related preferences) for organised play. I am in London GMT, and usually play around 7pm some weekdays and during the day on weekends.

I have played all the MW games (although I didnt really like IV) and used to kick around with clan Jade Falcon in MW3 where I participated in plenty of league matches. I used to go under the handle SmoCho in case there are any JF vets around here! I was also in a clan for a little while in the game Heavy Gear 2 (anyone remember that one?)

A little about my piloting:
I prefer light mechs and some medium mechs - traditionally favoured scouting/intel, fire support, spotting and flanking roles. Really like the positional aspect of battles, trying to exploit an opponents weaknesses through better intel and terrain advantages. Some of my favourite lighter mechs include the Nova, Jenner, Shadowcat, Raven and the Puma. Honourable mentions also to the Cougar and Uziel.
I am also really interested in learning the Aerospace assets in this game! Such a cool addition to the game btw, all hail the devs!
When it comes to heavies, I prefer manouverability (sp?) over armour, and my favourite heavies are the Summoner and the Thanatos (pretty much the same mech I know...). Also: autocannons. Yum.

If anyone is recruiting or just want to ask me any Q's, please feel free to email or contact me in-game! Check out my 'welcome' post in this forum for more info too.
See you on the battlefield,
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