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Skye Rangers
« on: January 23, 2012, 12:01:52 PM »


After an 8 year hiatus, the Skye Rangers are back in action and looking for new blood to fill out the ranks. Whether you're a BT vet or couldn't point out Tharkad on a map, if you'd rather take a back seat in the unit or if you want to get stuck in and help run the show - we've got a place for you!

As a unit we also do a bit of forum-based RP, but this is by no way compulsory.

With a few more players under our belt we would be looking at making a foray into MWLL competitive play, as well as making the leap to the elusive MW5 down the line.

We run a training night every Wednesday at 6pm, so even if you're not interested in joining up, feel free to meet us on the TS3 server and frag a few clanners with us.

Unit's main location: US, with active UK and AUS players
Interested in recruits from overseas: Yes
Focus of activities: Currently casual, looking to move into competitive play when we have a stronger player base
If competitive, planetary / campaign league or ladder: N/A
Main language: English
Voice server: Teamspeak 3 Server ( )
Web address:
Contact person: Ghost or Guillotine via the forums.
How to contact: Via forums, post a thread in General Discussion and say hello or PM.