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Looking for coop play
« on: January 30, 2012, 01:35:31 PM »
Timezone: GMT +0 London
Language: English
Activity: Around 4 hours across the week normally
TS3/Other voice chats: Yes

Vehicle Skills:
Mech: 5/10
BA: 4/10
Tank: 2/10
Aero: 1/10
VTOL: 0/10

An average player looking for a unit for coop play, preferable to be active in Europe time zone. I can't judge my skills myself, but many have seem me out there, they can give you a better idea if needed.

Looking for something relaxed without forcing minimal play time, locked to IS/Clan tech only is a big no too. I do not mind having some roleplaying elements, and in fact does enjoy it. Big plus if there is chances of organized matches as well.

What I am looking for:
  • Having a good time with others
  • Flexible unit on play time and training
  • Having good voice communications
  • Not locked to IS/Clan only
  • Coop public games and organized matches

What I am not looking for:
  • Hardcore groups only looking to win
  • Groups to steam roll all public games
  • Being locked to certain faction
  • Non English groups