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Clan Wolf Recruitment
« on: September 09, 2012, 02:11:43 AM »

The Blessing of Kerensky -

Here, with the Strana Mechty wolf, we see what may be the epitome of a warrior, cunning

matched with instinct and stealth, joined with a final, terrifying attack. For this mighty

creature, I name you. You are Clan Wolf.

-Nicholas Kerensky, 2810

Clan Wolf of MWLL and MWO is openly recruiting and looking for all like minded warriors to help forge the very essence that is, Clan Wolf.
Currently, we are active in Mechwarrior Living Legends and in MWO. All skill levels are welcome! From the lowest abilities to  hardened veteran,
we accept all into our unit as Bondsmen.  Although there is an age requirement to join the Clan, as stated on the website, exceptions can be made.

With MWO in development, Clan Wolf is gathering forces and building for when the game is live. in MWLL we have battled in a few competitive
matches and have arranged smaller practices with friendly Clans. We also conduct our own practice\training sessions, generally on Saturday
evenings. Beyond that, we are a bunch of military\working class guys that tell stories and play games with each other.

We are a friendly bunch so if you are reading this and are interested in joining one of the most storied Clans in Battletech, then check out our
website and contact information all listed below.

Clan Wolf (US)
Khan: Neon Kerensky
saKhan: Errodien
Star Cpt: Redfoxsi

TeamSpeak 3 info

No Guts No Galaxy: Outreach server
look for the Clan Wolf channel towards the bottom.

Feel free to stop in and say hi on TS3 or just browse our website! If you have any questions please contact us through our website forums\messaging