Author Topic: Mechwarrior Vet Looking for a Group That Plays for Fun  (Read 1544 times)

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Mechwarrior Vet Looking for a Group That Plays for Fun
« on: January 19, 2013, 11:57:58 PM »
Hello there. I am a what I consider a MW Vet. I had played a bit of MW3 at a friends house for about a year. I have also played MW4: Mercs. I have seen videos and such of MW2, and have struggled trying to find a port or download so I can play it. I have also been playing Mechwarrior: Online quite a bit since I have been in CB in it since mid-June.  I am currently in a merc group on MWO known as Phoenix Dominion. We mostly play mwo, but we have a dedicated group/unit for Firefall as well.

At any rate, figured I would try out this Mechwarrior game as purely from watching videos, I have to say. For this game being developed by players for players, this ain't half bad :)

I have yet to play MWLL (yet) just downloaded it. I prefer to use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick and am rather good at it.

Some basic info about me are as follows:

Age: 20
Place of Residency: USA on the East Coast
Gender: Male

As an added bonus, I have the TS3 Client, so I would prefer to be with a group that uses Teamspeak. That is, unless a well implimented voice chat program was built into MWLL.

See you all on the highway to the dangerzone!