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MUST READ: Rules for "Recruitment - Units"
« on: November 24, 2009, 11:31:54 AM »
Welcome and thank you for your interest in MechWarrior: Living Legends, a total conversion mod for Crysis and Crysis Wars.
If you're reading this, you're quite likely representing a unit - outside the battletech universe often refered to as "clan" - that intends to play or already plays MechWarrior: Living Legends and would like to use this board to advertise for new recruits.
Please make sure to have read and understood the rules given below. MWLL reserves the right to remove posts in severe violation without warning and information. In case of repeated violations, you and your unit will be denied the right to advertise on this board.


Your post will consist of two parts. It does not matter in which order you post these two parts, but the 'factsheet' given below is a requirement and needs to be part of your post. It is not optional, it is not up to your interpretation. It is mandatory and an incomplete or even completely left out factsheet is considered a severe violation.

Part 1


Part 1 of your advertisement is your very own, free recruitment text. Give a brief piece of your unit's history, fictional or real, maybe tell a few words about what you've already achieved or plan to achieve, what your unit's philosophy is etc.
Basically, there is only one thing to notice: derogatory comments concerning players, other real units, leagues, MWLL or one of its developers will lead to immediate suspension of your account.

This part may contain one (1) image, be it unit logo, recruitment ad or other unit-related artwork. Please make sure it does match the following criteria:
  • Must not exceed 800px on any side
  • Must not be larger than 500kb
  • The flash file format can and must not be used


Please note that bumping your thread is not possible as no replies can be created in this section. However, you as thread creator will always be able to update your recruitment ad by modifying it, should there be any changes, like a new web address, a new person in charge etc.

Part 2

Part 2 is the factsheet. It is the quick run down of things new recruits need to know about your unit. Again, please be sure to understand that this part is mandatory and you are required to complete it to the best of your abilities.

Unit's main location: i.e. US, EU, AUS, Russia etc.
Interested in recruits from overseas:
Focus of activities: Casual, competitive, both
If competitive, planetary / campaign league or ladder:
Main language:
Voice server: Do not just say "Yes" or "No", but which technology is being used - i.e. Teamspeak 2 or Ventrilo - and whether or not use is required
Web address: if none exists, write "none" or "none yet", do not leave empty
Contact person: Name and if here on the forum, provide a profile link
How to contact: i.e. AIM, MSN, xfire, PM on the forums, e-mail etc.

Notice & Disclaimer

These rules are always subject to change. MWLL reserves the right to update these rules without prior notice. However, in case of changes, you will be given a transition time to update your recruitment ad to match the new rules.
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