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EPIC battles and duels thread
« on: April 19, 2016, 08:40:03 AM »
what's not EPIC gets deleted :D

so i open the series with an IMHO "hall of fame of all time" candidate entry 8)
player best known by it's nick django (ognajD) faces an madcat (Tiberwolf) in an "battle of escort" finale ::)

but he is piloting an shadowcat ( :o only), and gets quite damaged while acquiring a better battle position...

-team work,
-fire control,
-advanced jump jetting
  and above all
-skill of true masters of Mechwarrior universe

ah, almost forgot:
only Duncan Fisher missing to comment  :P ::)

anyone considering this mediocre, just face a madcat in a shadow cat on a public battle :D
I don't call this 1v1, for it isn't, but rather a dare brawl of an sniper medium vs an heavy (over equipped also) mid-range mech.
IMHO an iconic battle all in all
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