Author Topic: Mechwarrior: L L is a Crysis Wars mod....I can't find Crysis Wars on  (Read 226 times)

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OK, It's part of the Crysis Wars maximum edition.

I just found it.

However, since it has DRM if purchased on disc format, Can I still play this if downloaded on Steam?


Hi everyone....Yes, noob response:

Where is Crysis Wars?

I can't find it on

Can I buy it off Steam and use the Steam game?

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The complete installer on contains all you need to play mwll, no need to buy crysis wars.
And don't worry it does not contain a pirated version of crysis wars but the crysis wars free multiplayer demo which contains all necessary files to play mwll.

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You don't need a copy of the entire game any longer, or even a legitimate one either, since gamespy died a few years back and with it the authentication requirements.  Just use the link deimos posted and you'll be good to go.

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