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Another old face checking in...
« on: November 16, 2009, 02:20:50 AM »
I was delighted to stumble across this site and forum a couple of months ago and have been lurking here and there since then.  I spotted a couple of faintly familiar old names in here, so I just thought I'd stick my head over the wall...

I've never really been much of a gamer, but I got seriously bitten by MW3 and started playing online with glee.  I carried on into MW4 Veng, but dropped out when Mercs hit the scene.

I used to play online as Mr. Sesmesesles, also as Dead Elvis and occasionally as a character named geilgeist.  I was never really much into the clan thing; but frequently hosted open, come-one-come-all, social games.  I'll never, ever forget the fun I had back then and have, more than once, paused to wonder what happened to all those names i used to see on the screen most evenings.

My main mech was a Daishi loaded with 6x large ER lasers.  It was slow and overheated like fcuk, but it could take a pounding and blow the legs off most medium / large mechs in 2-3, carefully aimed shots :)

It all seems so long ago now and - as it happens - I'm just about to retire the very computer I used to play on, all those long, late, happy nights; back in the dim and distant past :'(

I'm really looking forward to playing MW again - the only PC game that ever really caught my imagination - and to blowing the legs off a whole new bunch of adversaries as soon as MWLL hits the market  ;D

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Re: Another old face checking in...
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2009, 02:32:08 AM »
you legging freebirth :P

but that aside, welcome to this semi-accursed-mostly-blessed-forum-of-pineapples-and-mechs... SAMBFOPAM? funny how you can always sound out my random abbreviations with SOME sense... well then... welcome aboard! the year of the mech is at hand, bow before the timberwolf.... BOW! anyway lets get to what i do, DA REWLZ!

1)dont ask the release date
2)dont demand the release date...
3)dont feed pugsley
4)dont touch my minigun! *carefully eyes ashley detector with new timberwolf attachment*
5)yews deh speell cheghk plox
6)dont ask for recruitment or recruit outside the proper board  :o

whooper!  ;D
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