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Net Battle Tech
« on: December 05, 2009, 03:25:11 AM »

Net Battle Tech is a sim based planetary league that goes back to the days of MW2 Mercs. We have our own league tools including star maps, ship movements and battle mech tracking. We use MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries Hard Core; a version of MW4 developed for and buy NBT. We do concentrate heavily on simulation so be sure to plug in your coolant vest and count your ammo.

I don't think any current league can say that they are going to change over to MWLL without having seen it, but we are very excited about it. And if it can be used in the type of game play that is NBT than I am sure that we will make the switch.


Location:  NBT leadership is in eastern TZ US

Interested in Recruits for Overseas: Yes, many NBT units are overseas including Russia and AUS.

Focus of Activities: Simulation based Planetary League

Main Language: Unit Specific

Voice Server: NBT runs a Teamspeak 2 server that is open to any active unit. Individual units may choose to use that or use any voice comm they wish.

Web Address:

Contact Person: The Great Santini

How To Contact: e-mal @ or MSN @

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