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The DarkStar Alliance Mercenary Force
« on: December 26, 2009, 05:27:59 PM »

The DarkStar Alliance Mercenary Force has an illustrious reputation and history. I created the DSA 10 years ago and we have campaigned through many leagues and mods over the years. These include the Vengeance League, 3025, ISW, and our current focus in the Battle Mech Hanger mod. We are now introducing ourselves to the MWLL community with the hope that here too we may find the fertile ground for the wealth and salvage we seek as mercenaries.

The DarkStar Alliance is a member of the Outworlds Alliance and is therefore aligned with House Davion. However, our governing council the Order of the RedMoon and the RedMoon Corporation has wisely seen fit to remain neutral in most issues between the Inner Sphere Houses and the Clans. We therefore trade freely with both factions and contract with both sides. This allows the DSA to access both IS and Clan technology.

The DSA is a Regiment consisting of 5 Brigades or Stars ranging from Light Lances through Assault. Each Star contains 3 Lances, each with 3 BattleMechs. Each Star is commanded by a Star Commander and his/her XO. The DSA currently has all Officer slots filled. We also have the Master Sergeant slots for most Lances filled and the Regiment now numbers 20 DSA Mercenaries total at this time. The DSA looks to fill the remaining 28 Enlisted positions with a good mix of pilots from recruit to seasoned veteran. We offer positions in all mech weight categories as well as inter and intra squad training. All levels of pilots are welcome!

If you seek to join the DSA please access the following Forum, register and post. The DSA employs Team Speak and you will be provided that IP when you muster in.

I look forward to welcoming you on board!


Unit's main location: USA

Interested in recruits from overseas: Yes, we are interested in recruits from all areas of the Globe and every time zone.

Focus of activities: Casual and Competitive players are welcome. We will consider Planetary, Campaign and ladder League play as they arise.
Main language: English Only

Voice server: Team Speak 3

Contact person: RCO DSA WarHorse, RXO DSA Emy, RXO DSA ir0nfist

How to contact: PM on the forums, e-mail as entered in my Profile

Contact me as early as possible. We have all our Officer slots filled and are now placing Enlisted personnel.

My Regards!

DSA WarHorse....Out!
DSA Update: 3/23/2010

The DarkStar Alliance Mercenary Force is ever expanding toward our maximum total membership of 63 active pilots. The DSA now has 18 active pilots. The DSA requires every member be active daily, weekly. We have our own TS3 server and are actively involved in GameRanger drops and the mekmatch servers. We have averaged 2 recruits per week for the last 2+ months. We have moved another 10 pilots to the mailing list and out of the DSA as a result of their inactivity. DSA membership requires a member’s willingness to devote some of their daily/weekly time towards enjoying a few hours of MechWarrior gaming. It requires a small commitment from each of our members.

We have looked at tomorrow’s MW game, with Armor, Infantry and Artillery included and prepared accordingly.  The DSA defines itself as a Light Regiment of six companies and a Command lance. Our companies include all BattleMech weight classes, an Infantry company, Der Sthal Wachen Elite and our Command Lance.  Each company is comprised of 4 Lances with 3 BattleMechs, commanded by a Captain and Lieutenant.  Command and the membership decided that we needed to expand and meet the MW game we see is coming. Therefore, the DSA has added another Lance making each mech class a Company of 12. We have added a 6th Company of Infantry. With these Force Structure changes the DSA is prepared for the Mektek launch of 3.1, Smith and Tinker’s MW game and the eventual mixing of true ground Infantry and Air assets into the total game it shall be. The DSA is ready.

We have established a structure that welcomes our recruits and places them right into training. Experienced pilots graduate quickly into the ranks and are generally posted per their request or Regimental needs. We are a dedicated group of members. We support one another and we are all dedicated team members and friends. The DSA is growing at a good pace. We have steadily built our Regiment for the last 9 months.

With 3.1 ready to launch, the DSA has looked toward this eventuality and began rebuilding as the community awakened once more. Mektek news reports that most of what needed to be overcome has been. Awaiting final word and launch announcement from Mektek. The DSA has members involved in MWLL but are not “Officially” a team in the Mod. We are about to submit a request for creating a team in MWL. This will require our dedication to the DSA and our team mates through every member’s active league participation. The DSA is beginning to schedule Weekly Training which will require every unexcused pilot to participate.  Every DSA Pilot accepted this military-like experience when they joined our Regiment. We are like minded and focused on creating a successful and well run Mercenary Force not seen in MW for many years, if ever. We see the future. The DSA will provide the mercenary force that will fit the bill!

Recruitment is always a main priority with every DSA Officer and member. We have established a structured framework that welcomes new recruits. We offer training to every pilot, skilled or unskilled. The DSA will once again become active in league play be it Ladder or Planetary Capture. We are well established and prepared to expand towards our max number of 63 members when Mektek launches 3.1. Should Smith and Tinker resolve its legal issues the DSA will be perfectly positioned for their launch.

The DSA seeks pilots of all skill levels. We are looking for specialists and utility pilots. We seek Light and Medium BattleMech experts. We have room for Heavy and Assault pilots. We have a strong need for BattleArmor specialists, Armor, Artillery crews and Infantry members. A few Officer Ranks are still available due to our expansion into a Light Regiment.

The DSA is a Mercenary Force. We encourage Role Play. We fight for a lot of reasons not the least being wealth and prestige. We are a military style gaming group filled with members of all ages and an approximate mean age of 27-30 years old. Are you looking for this type of gaming experience? Would you like to help us prepare this unit for the exciting gaming to come? Submit your request by Registering and posting on the DSA Forum.

Once you are approved you will be required to Register with the DSA Secure Forum. There you will find all the information you need to DL and Install TS3 and join our DSA TS server. If you do not own a copy of MW4 Mercs I suggest you obtain a copy and install it with full updates and map packs. If you are unable to do so or are active in MWLL please apply. You are welcome. If you are awaiting the launch of 3.1 but are not currently active, please make sure this is reported on your application.

The DSA is very much alive and well! We are in contact with several gaming groups from the IS and Clans. You get a piece of the future handed to you when you join the DSA! We look forward to accepting you as a mate and welcoming you to our Regiment.

Regards to all!
DSA WarHorse….Out.
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