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« on: January 13, 2010, 04:32:47 AM »
My name is Blakrhino (well, technically it's Gage but you wont see me online as that will you?) you can find out almost everything gaming related to me at or you can click the card in my sig.

I have never played a mechwarrior game before. (I know; "ahhh! blasphemy!!!) its not that i didnt want to play them, they just came out at a point when i was too young to play them (im 19) and by the time i had heard of them (after mech assault 2 had come out, which i loved btw) it was a little late for them (although i have tracked down a copy of MW4 my friend had and am currently playing that)

anyway im enjoying the mod, its excellent. and yes, i do like mw much more than ma, but thats pretty universal it seems.

so theres my backstory. hope you liked it. I look foreward to playing with you.

p.s. hope i didnt sound ignorant of the mech warrior games, im doing my best to make up for all the time i should have been playing the mechwarrior games by studying battletech lore when im not playing.