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Russian Death Legion [RDL]
« on: April 15, 2010, 08:19:35 PM »

Russian Death Legion (RDL) was founded in August 1999 by the group of BattleTech-fiction fans for playing the games of Mechwarrior-series by the NET.

We are proud to say that we are the first Russian Unit registered in International Star Lance (SL) League (playing Mechwarrior III).  All of us are living in different cities of Russia but some of our pilots are ruslang foreigners. And it is the very reason for our close internet contact with each other: we are the fans of BattleTech, MechWarrior and all of that stuff, which somehow connected to that.

RDL is a multi-unit. It connected not only the simulator players, but also RPG-players, Classic BattleTech Wargame, BattleTech CCG and some other fans, which just love this marvelous Universe.

In the Hall of Honor of RDL there are victories in the such Leagues as: VL (Vengeance League), SL (Star Lance), P2K, MWA (MechWarrior Arena), MX (MechExtreme). Nowadays RDL is a member of a planetary NBT League.

The MWLL Project picked interest of all Russian BattleTech fans and the most of RDL pilots are looking forward to get a final build of MWLL. This is the reason for RDL HQ to present our brave unit at this Board and to start recruiting ruslang pilots for training and further playing MWLL games.

Unit's main location: Russia
Interested in recruits from overseas: Russian-speaking players
Focus of activities: (Casual, competitive) - both
If competitive, planetary / campaign league or ladder: All
Main language: Russian and English
Voice server: Teamspeak 3 []
Web address:
Contact person: RDL_Veech
How to contact: PM on the forums,
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