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Pyrran Merc Unit - Recruiting
« on: May 06, 2010, 05:33:31 AM »
Hello? Jason dinAlt speaking.

Feel free to PM me!

The Pyrran Merc Unit is looking for recruits.  Before you decide to join us, you must realize several things:
  • There is no fee or required donation for this group.
  • Our unit is quasi-Clan, so we use mostly Clan technology.
  • Teamwork is a must. Since good cooperation is key, you must be able to at least partially take commands and work with teammates.
  • Its OK to not be good. Just look at me. ;-)
  • Basically the only software were going to use (other than the essentials) is Skype, from Skype Technologies. Its free, and it will be our voice client and main communications method.
Note: Were mostly looking for MechWarriors 18 and under (just like us) to join.
Anyone can join!

The Pyrrans have been around since the little-known Clan Bowie went to war in the Pirates Haven cluster). The Clanners, having only a light force, gave us some extra mechs for keeps which allowed us to drive the invasion home. We became mercenaries after an offer from Vindemiatrix to defend against invasion from a light Steiner force). It was an easy clean up,  since they expected no military resistance, and we earned loads C-bills yearly from the planet (by contract), and after that we were off in the business.
Unit's main  location: Worldwide
Interested in recruits from  overseas: Yes
Focus of activities: (Casual, competitive) Casual, then maybe both
Main language: English
Voice server:
Skype (see above)
Web address:
Contact person: Jason dinAlt
How to contact:
PM on the forums, (PM is preferred)
Good luck. dinAlt out.
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