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=CJW= : Clan Jade Wolf
« on: May 21, 2010, 01:54:51 AM »
Clan Jade Wolf

'No longer must these barbarian hordes suffer through the dark, violent night of their own folly. We are returning; we are the sun of righteousness that will illuminate those who dream of peace.'


Clan Jade Wolf arose from the ashes of the refusal war, after the wolf clan was initialled absorbed by Jade Falcon. Made up primarily of former wolf clan members, the Jade Wolves would soon win their independance entirely and become a new Clan Wolf, to carry on the crusade against the inner sphere.

 However, what if some denied the name change back to clan wolf, decided to incorporate warriors from both crusader clans, and fled into the periphery to once again carry the light of Kerensky into the Inner sphere?

Creation and Summary

So with that, Clan Jade Wolf for MWLL was born. It was decided to form Clan Jade Wolf for the players that wanted more from the battletech experience than simply endless public games, without objectives or goals. With personal experience in mechwarrior dating back to Mechwarrior 2, i decided it was a good time to collect like minded pilots into a unit where everyone could have a greater experiance than simply playing on their own.

As a Jade Wolf, you will have an opportunity to grow the clan into something special, unrestrained by any previous history. We welcome veterans from the refusal war (mechwarrior 2) as well as any new pilots who have just started to play, as long as they are interested, active and want to be involved.

Although we play pick up games, we do challenge and fight other units. Roleplaying within the group is also encouraged, especially in contributing to the legacy Clan Jade Wolf by helping grow our units backstoy.

We do not however, want players who are going to disgrace the clan. That includes players prone to excessive OTT behaviour, name calling, putting down fellow players, whether they be in our clan or otherwise, or other 'habits' that are simply out of line. We are also not looking for players who grief other players or exploit the game in anyway. Although we maintain a friendly atmosphere, we are strict on this front. We simply dont want those kind of people in Clan Jade Wolf.

Below is a list of some of the procedures for new members.

Joining process

All new interested joiners will be assigned at cadet rank, and will be unable to play in any competitive games. This is basically your introductory period, where you will be assessed to see if you have the right mentality to join the clan or not.

When the time comes, you will be able to participate in a trial of position for a rank of mechwarrior, for full admission into the clan. Usually, this is a trial by combat, either comprised of numerous cadets or full mechwarriors. The final ruleset is not yet finalised, due to our limited number of members currently.

Cadets will get a minimum of 3 retries at this trial of position.

And thats all for now! We hope you will choose to drop with us next time, mechwarrior.

Clan Jade Wolf Data

Unit's main location: UK and Europe.

Interested in recruits from overseas:If they can play with the EU members regardless of timezone, yes.

Focus of activities: Mostly casual, but also competitive play .

Leagues: Our pilots participate in Legends Arena, and we are awaiting our first drop if and when the second season begins. We are also awaiting Lance Command with  anticipatation.

Main language: English.

Voice server: We have a teamspeak server, which clan members will have access to once they have become full members of CJW.

Other information: Steam is vital to managing the group, therefore it is requested you at the very least check the news page often! All members are expected to be active on both teamspeak and IRC. We dont require you to sell your life or your soul to the clan, but its expected you would want to keep in touch.

Our steam link is

Web address:

Contact person: Deathbane,;u=7412

How to contact: Via PM or adding me on MSN, using the link provided in my profile. Also, you can add me on steam via deathbane13.
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