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Bushwacker C - "Pushwacker"
There is hardly any tougher machine in its price bracket - 650 meters of large pulsed laser, 600m of 20 wire guided missiles and the fearsome UAC10 spewing twice as often as the UAC20, yet delivering more than half of its damage per an complete soaked in hit. A machine not to be neglected in any moment. A pilot fielding it is to be aware of that - expect to bear the main heat of the enemy fire at any time.
hello folks, kudos to the prudent wiki editors, here goes Hollander II:

D - "Jesse James"
This is as pop tart is it gets: 1200m of Gauss and Cannons and E-optics. Hit the enemy from behind the radar range, hit it from behind the wall. What ever You do, rarely if ever face the consequences - like the famous robbers of the Wild West back on ancient Terra.
E - "From Russia with love"
a quad of LBX-2 means instant damage to both large and tiny fast moving target, from close up to afar. Be it cycled or bound in a single burst. Augmented by the fearsome LBX-20, the E is hard hitting from the both extremes of the range. A deadly foe to an unsuspecting BA on the far side of an map, or an valuable addition to an ambush in the medium class. Lacking any fancy stuff but BAP, puts this interesting machine in a fire support role to keep those annoying BAs in check and occasionally finish off any luring threat to the second line.
F - "Martini"
This is an heavy hitter, but with a twist! Its main argument is the AC20 hands down, yet the two SRM2 provide some cockpit shake to the foe while the powerful auto cannon readies for the next deadly blow. Should the foe be an stray BA or an coolant spamming heat boat - the two flamers might do short business of any. Otherwise it's advised to save them to finish off an already nearly devastated target, or to provide some "smokescreen" if the two SRM2 can't keep the enemy in check. This is in no case a variant for the faint of heart!
G - "Lackluster"
I sincerely can't see a reason to buy this one over the Prime variant in the 55000 c-bills price bracket. Save the way to punish or challenge a pilot. But there it is for anyone to enjoy :^]
Events / Re: Chaos March May Sat 20 Late! Sun 2120:00 UTC
« Last post by duelist on May 20, 2017, 03:06:44 AM »
Update: We got one battle in (mostly) Chaos resumes regular time Sunday.

Hello Council Members and Warriors!
   Chaos March will be played this weekend! But the Saturday edition becomes Saturday NIGHT edition! There is the huge meeting at 20:00 UTC and will last several hours. Chaos will begin late that night. My best guess is 8 PM Central Standard Time. 01:00 UTC Sunday. But that will depend on how long the meeting takes. Sunday is at regular time. Everyone is welcome to the meeting on teamspeak Chaos March Meeting Channel. The special video of the week comes from Redsoneize on the "Beach Vacation"

Thanks for covering the event!
See everyone this weekend!
Other Gaming / Re: Earthsiege 2
« Last post by es2 on May 18, 2017, 11:37:18 PM »
I'll not beat around the bush...

I'm looking for a iso of the old, old game "Earthsiege 2". I already checked GOG, and all the pirating sites I know, but all came up empty.

Considering the "nerdiness" (I mean that in a good way) of this community, I hope SOMEONE still has an original lying around that they could rip an iso off, or maybe even a source for a download?

Would be much appreciated.

(I assume it is abandonware, but even if not... does anyone still care? xD)

The Earthsiege 2 iso is here
The Pub / Re: New player
« Last post by Silverfoxdmt73 on May 15, 2017, 10:39:47 PM »
Cheers. I'll take a look.
The Pub / Re: New player
« Last post by DeimosEvotec on May 15, 2017, 09:23:58 PM »
Ingame team chat is bound to U and all chat bound to Y.
If you mean voice chat, the default crysis wars voip is very bad and has been disabled on most servers.
Jump on the mwll teamspeak instead:

I would also recommend jumping on the mwll discord.
Most of the community is there and you can get all your questions answered in real time.
Community created content / Re: Drop Calculator v0.8.0 (MWLL v0.8.0)
« Last post by Az on May 15, 2017, 08:19:35 PM »
Here's the data for 0.8.4.

@Az, could You, kindly please, help us extract the new asset data for the Spooky's online catalogue?

Aw, come on man... On that page from Spooky's site, you can clearly see the link toward a topic by thEClaw, in which he says he just updated Hiruma Kai's script. You know this because you requested updates on that topic, twice.
And out of all these people you ask me for an update? When I specifically just said I don't want to take on new responsibilities? Seriously ::).

That script is in Python, which I'm barely familiar with, and tries to compute weapon DPS, which is entirely outside of my accumulated MWLL knowledge.

So no, I'm not doing it. Sorry!

Thanks Az. I don't know how to put that data into the spreadsheet. [...]

I did see your initial post. I did check the thread for new posts. But I totally failed to notice your edit... Sorry about that.

I took a look at the spreadsheet's documentation. Snyp3r wrote a lot of stuff to explain the formulas he used, and the last page is an addendum by thEClaw on how to update he calculator.
Step 1 & 2 are me posting my script's output.
Step 3 lacks a crucial information, and I hope your problem is as simple as that: you must right-click on a sheet's tab and show the hidden sheets. Then you can update the data as described.
When importing the dropcalc-xxx.txt data, be sure to set the separator to ';' and start from second row (ignore the headers). Also delete the previous data beforehand as new empty cells do not delete the old data when pasting over it.
I have no idea what thEClaw meant with the last line of step 3, though.
The armor sheet contains data that comes from another script, not sure what the source is.

If you intend to maintain the spreadsheet and not just update it for your personal use, we can discuss the ways I can alter my files or add new data to facilitate your task, if you want.
The Pub / New player
« Last post by Silverfoxdmt73 on May 15, 2017, 07:44:11 PM »

I thought I'd drop in and say hello as I've just installed this rather fab game and started playing all of 2 days ago.

I'm a long time BT fan, but for some reason have only just discovered MW:LL.

My ID is SilverFoxDMT73, I'm a novice at this so if you see me around feel free to blast me into the afterlife!

Also, how do you get the in-game chat on?


Events / Re: Chaos March Battlelog and Operations Center
« Last post by duelist on May 14, 2017, 10:09:22 AM »
Battle   268   Battle for Planet   Algot
Capellan Commonality   attack   Algot   from
Planet defended by   Saiph Protectorate      
Map 1   Ring of Fire - TC - V03   winner:   Inner Sphere
Map 2   Paradise Lost - TC - V07   winner:   Inner Sphere
Map 3   Clearcut - TSA   winner:   Clan
Map 4   Vista - TSA   winner:   Defenders
Map 5   Lakefront - TSA   winner:   Not played
Planet is successfully    defended. Planet belongs to Saiph Protectorate.
Events / Re: Chaos March Battlelog and Operations Center
« Last post by duelist on May 14, 2017, 10:03:35 AM »
267 Placeholder Saiph attackers planet Tsistsang defended by Capellans.
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