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=KoS= Knights of the Inner Sphere (FWL)
« on: February 25, 2011, 09:06:24 PM »
                                                                              The Knights of the Inner Sphere

"Stay and fight," Kingston snarled. "I'm not giving up, not after losing so many of my men. We can fall back into the city, throw up barricades, fight street to street. If we have to, we can call in an air strike, or even naval bombardment, but I'm not leaving."
"I'd have to agree with Colonel Kingston, sir," Sir Gainard chimed in. "All but that part about fighting street to street. If we pull back, it'll have to be into the jungle, not the city. If we make this a street-fight, a whole lot of civilians are going to get killed."
"So what? They're Jags," Kingston barked.
"They're people. Mister Kingston." Gainard's voice came out in a low growl.

                                                    Sir Clovis Gainard to Colonel Samuel Kingston - A Smoke Jaguar Training Base in the Shikari Jungle
                                                               Near New Andery, Huntress - During Operation Serpent - 12 March 3060


The Knights of the Inner Sphere were created by "The False" Thomas Marik in 3050 to be the premiere guard of the Free Worlds League and to bring chivalry back to war.
The Knights are not only tasked with protecting all free peoples of the League under the Captain-General's command, but to be as a bulwark against the barbarism of the Succession Wars and the bloodlust of the Crusader Clans. 
In an age fraught with warmongering Clans, Blakist zealots, and the behemoth military powder keg that is the Federated-Commonwealth, the Knights have sworn to conduct war, when necessary, with wariness, wisdom, and restraint; lest the madness of genocide return to the Inner Sphere.
Thus we will fight wherever and whenever free peoples are threatened.

What we're looking for:
As a unit of the Free Worlds League, it is well that you be tolerant and understanding to others opinions.
As a Knight your code will include keeping the game fun for everyone (including yourself of course) and being fair to your enemies.
Being free peoples, you of course have all free speech to say what you think at any time and trash talk for fun; there are no ranks in this unit, all will be treated equally once you are fully accepted. (The process of acceptance will vary depending on how acquainted you are with the MWLL community as a whole.)

Some Disclaimers:
[spoiler]- Trash talk is fun and all, but being a douchebag is definitely against the Knight's code. The line should be quite clear to anyone with common sense and decency. ;)

- This is an IS unit, when we eventually compete in pure tech leagues/planetaries/etc we will be using IS ONLY TECH, if you are a clan tech addict you may be better off in a Clan unit.

- No skill level really required, so long as you've been playing long enough to understand the basic mechanics of the game.

- When we play together in Public matches (the majority of our matches) pooling Cbills to get 3 Arrow Boats and one Narc Raven is not a Knight's idea of a match.

- Be ready to gain ground and do what is best for the team. Initiative, Initiative, Initiative.

- Further, if we are doing disproportionately well, I may switch teams and might ask you to do so too if you wish; again, trying to keep the game fun for everyone.

- I can get a TS3 server if everyone wishes, but I prefer typing in game personally or joining the TS server of w/e game server we are playing in to communicate with the other/rest of the team.

I play games for fun, not work. This is a highly laid-back unit with little to no obligations, particularly on your time, you may come and go as you please and play any time of day you wish. If you want to practice something, just ask and we can find an empty server anytime. Just remember, don't be abusive to other players and give us a bad name, all I'm asking.  :)


Unit's main location: US -6 GMT
Interested in recruits from overseas: Yes
Will be Competitive in Leagues going forward.
Main language: English
Voice server: Check out or channel at Outreach, there is usually someone there.
Web address: <- our forums
Contact person: xInVicTuSx;u=3796
How to contact: PM on the forums
Youtube Channel

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