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Com Guards [CG]
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ComStar is dedicated to fulfilling a single, divine mission: to preserve the glorious Star League's technological legacy in order to prevent a new Dark Age. Founded in 2788 by the Blessed Jerome Blake, ComStar guards and maintains the hyperpulse generator communications network and other valuable technologies developed during humanity's golden age, knowledge that might have been lost forever were it not for the foresight of our Blessed Founder.

Blake recognized two great responsibilities in the wake of the collapse of the Star League: preserving as much of the currently available technological knowledge as possible, and preventing the Successor States from seizing the interstellar communications network and misusing it to destroy each other.

You have to understand the code of duty and honor that rules those who pilot these engines of destruction. Placing such an awesome weapon in the hands of an individual implies a similar gesture of trust.
 - Anastasius Focht

During a meeting with the First Circuit in 2933 Primus York proposed the formation of a standing military for ComStar. This military, to be called the ComStar Guards and Militia, would be a rapid-deployment, light infantry force constantly on call for emergencies such as the abduction of prominent ComStar personnel. ComStar would have the ability to respond quickly with some degree of military force in times of need. Fifty years later, building from this foundation, the reigning Primus and First Circuit began an ambitious MechWarrior training program.

The original proposal called for the creation of eight regiments of full-time troops, but the Primus settled for five regiments as a compromise with a liberal faction of the First Circuit. The ComStar Guards and Militia would be based in the Sol system and would remain under the combined control of the Primus and the First Circuit. To fund the creation of a standing military, Primus York tapped the vast resources of ROM, arguing that ROM would have less need for the money now that ComStar would have a military force.

The core of the Guards and Militia was the former mercenary Bandersnatches. Their contract was dissolved and they accepted full-time permanent employment with ComStar. The Guards and Militia would have the best equipment possible, vintage Star League Defense Forces gear left behind after the Exodus.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the formation of the ComStar Guards and Militia was the revitalization of the Sandhurst Royal Military College in Berkshire, England. The site had originally served as a training school for ROM. York convinced the First Circuit to relocate the ROM training center and to approve millions of C-bills for Sandhurst's renovation. The old military academy was converted into a modern military complex, complete with BattleMech and aerospace fighter facilities and training grounds.

Primus York knew that the creation of a military force by the neutral ComStar would stun the leaders of the Inner Sphere. In his messages announcing the formation of the ComStar Guards and Militia, he told the leaders that these troops were strictly for the defense of Terra and would train only in defensive operations.
Current Organization

ComStar suffered many heavy losses in the Clan war, both to Clan weapons and in defections to the Word of Blake splinter group. In order to preserve the Com Guard structure as much as possible, the Precentor Martial kept the thirteen armies but reduced each army to four divisions, down from six prior to Tukayyid, resulting in 52 divisions, 2 of those belonging to Brion's Legion, a mercenary group working for our Holy Order.

The basic ComStar military unit is the division, roughly parallel to the Regimental Combat Team (RCT) common in the Federated Commonwealth.

Fact Sheet

Founding Year: 2785
Headquarters (City, World): Sydney, Australia, Terra
Official Symbol: A white inner circle, slightly offset toward the bottom of a gray outer circle. Extending from the center of the white circle and pointing downward is a single gray tail.
Location (Terra relative): Facilities on roughly 98% of all inhabited systems within the Inner Sphere.
Estimated Personnel (3130): 14,687,000
Government: Corporate (with monastic stylings)
Ruler: Primus Lisa Koenigs-Cober
Dominant Language(s): English (official), others per station.
Dominant Religion(s): Agnosticism (official), others per station.
Unit of Currency: C-bill (1 C-bill = 1 second of text-only HPG transmission time)

Unit's main location: Sydney Australia
Interested in recruits from: Australia and Terra
Focus of activities: Casual
Main language: English
Voice server: TS2/3 Not mandatory
Web address: ComGuard Icon via WWW.HPGRelay.Com
Contact person: Anastasius Focht via ComGuard forums at WWW.HPGRelay.Com
How to contact: Via ComGuard forums

Any Unit wishing to have its link added to, let us know via PM either here or HPGRelay

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You have to understand the code of duty and honor that rules those who pilot these engines of destruction. Placing such an awesome weapon in the hands of an individual implies a similar gesture of trust