Author Topic: Seasoned noob in serach of unit  (Read 1410 times)

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Seasoned noob in serach of unit
« on: July 03, 2011, 07:57:02 PM »
I've been playing since MWLL release and would consider myself an average pilot.  At this point I believe the only way for me to reach the next level is to train and get the feedback a unit often provides.   Started with CBT when I was a kid.  I've played online heavily in MW2, some in MW3, and also MW4.  Would love to get into league play but not sure how much time I can devote to it.  I'm pretty availible on weekends but during the week its hard for me to log on before 9-9:30 (GMT -8:00 Pacfic US).  Honestly I typically only manage about 6 hours a weeks of game play currently, I could possibly work in a little more.  If any Units are interested send me a PM, or I'm usually on TS3 in the default channel when I do play. 

Age: 30
Time Zone: GMT -8:00 Pacific US (California)
Availbility: Weekends any time, weeknights after 8:30pm GMT -8, possibly other times by schedule.
I'm open to any type of unit, Clan, IS, or Merc.  Puretech or mixed. 

"If we don't know what we are doing, the enemy certainly can't anticipate our actions."