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Smoke Jaguar Reborn +SJR+ is Recruiting
« on: November 24, 2011, 03:09:29 PM »
Smoke Jaguar Reborn is currently recruiting. We are looking for people interested in casual MW:LL play at the moment. We will likely enter a league if we get enough active players that wish to do so. We are also currently playing World of Tanks and Battlefield:3. We will be playing MW:O (and when it is released it will become the team's primary focus).

Smoke Jaguar Reborn has been around since 2001. The unit was initially known as Clan Hell's Horses, and competed in the Star League MechWarrior league, and the Astral Dominion League. In 2004, the team entered the War!Online league has Smoke Jaguar Reborn (we later played as Goliath Scorpion). Post-War!Online the team has played under various factions, particularly as Fianna Eireann and The Fury in NBT:Mercs and NBT:HardCore.

The unit has returned to the Smoke Jaguar Reborn moniker. We are currently deciding on the name that we will go by for MWO, but we will continue to be organized under the +SJr+ banner.

+SJr+ is focused on creating a top-level competitive team in MWO, but also stressing the development of a good team atmosphere and a lasting community of gamers & friends. If you are interested in playing on such a team, please register at our site.


Unit's main location:US & Canada
Interested in recruits from overseas: Absolutely. We've had players from overseas play with us in the past, and it works fine.
Focus of activities: Competitive
If competitive, planetary / campaign league or ladder: We are examining all available options.
Main language: English.
Voice server: Mumble
Web address:
Contact person: MethosFurey
How to contact: You can contact us via PM or at our forums.
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