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Zeta Battalion (WD)
« on: September 06, 2013, 01:57:46 PM »

Zeta Battalion (Wolf's Dragoons)

"Zeta Battalion is an elite Assault battalion and part of the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary command."

More of Zeta on

We are a group of Finnish players interested in a coordinated mwll experience. Some of us have only experience with pub meta, some other but all are looking forward for something greater. Our ranks hold both Inner Spere and Clanner oriented mix as is proper for Dragoons.

Style of play:

"Sometime between 3059 and 3067, Zeta would add two more mixed Trinaries with additional Clan Omnimechs as well as artillery, Hovertanks, Elementals and Aerospace Fighters."

Late Zeta battalion fluff practically opens all available game assets, both IS and Clan, but ideally favoring mechs and getting stuck in! Donar ballooning and other shenanigans not so much.


All members are expected to show proper respect to fellow members and opponents to a point both in game and forums. Not to abuse the maps or assets unless opponent greatly does so. On a pub game members are expected to keep things fun and switch sides if the round is going too well and should not avoid playing on opposing teams.


By applying/recommendations and/or by trial. Actively recruiting.

We also accept lone wolfs who are mainly in for casual gaming but are still interested of a team experience.


Unit's main location: Finland.

Interested in recruits from overseas: Players interested in playing EU timezone, yes.

Focus of activities: Casual, competitive play when ready.

If competitive, planetary / campaign league or ladder: When ready.

Main language: Finnish, English.

Voice server: TS3, public TBA

Contact person: Alpha_Zulu_Tango aka =Z= AZT

How to contact: Via PM on forums.

Unit Tag: =Z=


Mech Daddy

Casuals Roster:


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Contact person of Zeta Battalion. Kaikki suomalaiset tervetuloa!