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>BKS< Black Shadow Merc Corp
« on: December 07, 2013, 05:06:10 AM »
>Black Shadow Mercenary Corp<

We are an international group of players, who simply want to keep this game alive, playing organized games and having fun all together.
Now we mostly meet on our TS server, and play little organized matches using different rules, on various maps.

Play style

No particular playing style. I want players to be more independent (that doesn't mean "do whatever you want", though), so they can better express their potential.
Voice comms are required, though they are not necessary for just pub matches (highly encouraged, though)


About the Corp:
Respect of the other members of the Corp is the most important thing. In the field, we are players, and we can be good or bad ones. That is not a big problem.
But out of the field, in the forums and in the chats, in the voice servers, we are people, and we can be good or bad ones. Being a bad person - not showing respect to the others, first of all - is always a big problem.

About pub matches:
Stacking is not forbidden. We want competitive play, and we also want to have fun together! But also, we want to help to make this community grow, by expecially helping new players and teaching them the basics of this game if they need that. Teaming up against newbies and stomping them is just useless, and there is no fun, if the level of challenge is too low. If, during a match, teams become unbalanced, switching team is always a good option. We are mercenaries, after all.

About private matches:
Team work is all. No Rambos and no heros. Enough said.

How to join:

Register to our main site, and come to our TS server.


Unit tag: BKS_

Unit's main location: Worldwide, currently most of us are from US

Interested in recruits from overseas: Yes

Focus of activities: Pub matches, competitive play, trainings for newbies

If competitive, planetary / campaign league or ladder: Yes

Main language: English

Voice server: TeamSpeak 3

Web address:

Contact person: Starch1ld

How to contact: TeamSpeak 3, PM on our site or on official MWLL forum
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