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Events / Re: Last Man Standing Championships 30 June- 2 July
« Last post by ELH_Goat on Today at 03:48:37 PM »
I'll try to be there, more SA is always awesome!

Also (if you let just a smallish bit of thoughtcrimehacking, not really vying to spoil the Fireworks for you guys) - I bet most of the people here definitely approve of all "Born on the Fourth of July" type of things! :)
Events / Re: Last Man Standing Championships 30 June- 2 July
« Last post by Snow Gibbon on Today at 10:49:26 AM »
Just throwing this out there that I'm not going to play if it's infinite money every round. Madcat E duels every round are not fun, tbh it should be three rounds of Last Man Standing at different price points with top cumulative kills going to the next tier of the championship.
Toast / Re: New Sound Police On Patrol
« Last post by ELH_Goat on Yesterday at 06:02:45 PM »
Cool, thank you for that beat! :) ^^ also loved the little neat interlude with katanas swinging in it
Thanatos - the heavy lifter of any battle

Prime - scout extreme or, alternatively, a seat for an commander of an heavy lance. Its main punch comes from the powerful and radar-independent MRM30 launcher salvos. Being as they are, MRM are to be spared for slower targets as either an unsuspected opening shot or as an finishing blow to an already devastated enemy. Save the GECM suite and the team serving C3 target rely, the Prime has it's remaining arsenal in an versatile laser layout - the ERLBL, two ERMBL and the MPL. They all provide for lead-free targeting. This and the unlimited twist of the torso lend this variant ample anti air threat potential. Especially if crouched to further increase it's maximal pitch.

A - poptart extreme, sacrifices all for an almighty punch. The HGauss, while an assault class weapon, reaches out up to the medium range. The quartet of the ERMBL supplement it's firepower even further, if the target is not too fast. The most skilled pilots are able to align the two groups in such a narrow succession to overcome even this drawback. Other than Jump sniping, this variant offers nearby units a moderate missile shield by means of one LAMS, and for it self furthers it with it's own GECM suite. Pilots are advised to take care of its main weapon: it is placed to the hand to prevent internal Gauss explosion thus increasing survivebility of the pilots by a great margin, however once disarmed the unit might fall short of fire power regarding its class. Further, the two tonnes of reloads, although costly to fill up, provide for not much more than a dozen of shots - so care is to be taken that each one counts, and that the replenishment is obtained in time. The variant is reputable of overheat issues.

B- "work from home" - this variant is by no means an lone wolf, lacking any short range support, where it faced by an close opponent it can rely on it's hot ERPPC and the feeble LXB2 trio. But on the other side of the range scale, the odds turn quite the opposite way. Being supported by an NARC or TAG asset, this unit has the potential to make short business of any lance. The only spare ton of ammo helps the staying power. The LBX2 trio can be handy to deter an approaching BA from afar - long before any of its weapon can be effective, or to finish off an about to die target. The ERPPC, being the shortest range, provides firepower "only" up to 850m. To be most effective this unit is to be parked far away form the battle and on an elevated place providing good oversight of the surroundings. This is easy done by the provided Heavy class Jump-Jets.

C- "Bully JR" this unit is plaqued with problems: The UAC20 jams, the 5DHS are prone to overheat, the four SPL are underwhelming. Only the DSRM6 is reliable, low on heat, yet ammo hungry. Having in mind all of that, and the chance the UAC20 will be most probably the target of primary concern to an vary opponent, the pilot is advised to split the spare reloads to both UAC and SRM ammo. And stay close to supply and repair lines.

D- "the big bully". I assure You the "D" stands for Devastation. The LBX20, with it's thight WoE lends it self excellent for brawling - helping the denying of the vulnerable spots to the opponent. The MPL trio, provides the "in between" fire for the other two weapon groups, stacking up to the deadly trio. The DSRM6 provides reliable blow after blow for the lasting of the ammo reloads. Pilots are advised to calculate the ratio of LBX vs SRM ammo, and to be vary of the MPL trio taxing the 3 DHS. This unit can operate to is full firepower capacity without any radar support.

E- "Experience": a come to unit for an advanced player with an advanced team. The unit belongs to the poptart class due of its Gauss and ERLBL weapons. However, the iNARC puts it into an advanced scout/target designation role. The LRM10, although most far reaching, seems to be there only to add "insult to injury" would an successful NARC beacon be placed to the sorry foe. An valuable asset to any organized lance or formation.

F- "Fido"; -don't hold Your breathe, this unit is a classic IS heavy design - the goal was the price. No fancy weapons, no fancy tech, the unit is available already at mere 80700 c-bills. Other than that, it has the ample LRM20 launcher, for the long range response and the LBL and LB-10-X for the medium range threats. The later not taxing the 3 DHS by much. The two MBL and the four ERSBL array is the response for potential face huggers that would try to threaten the unit from point blank.

G- save the best for last? The "G" might only be standing for "Gladiator"? The Unit is on par with the Prime in armor, yet surpasses any Thanatos in maneuverability by it's improved heavy Jump Jets. The weapons are, all of middle range and of tree kinds, but might be split into only two groups - high fire rate and wire guided. The RAC5 has very similar DPS profile to the MXPL trio - a steady stream of damage over time. The MRM10 launcher, however fires every so often and a tight swarm of missiles. This two groups, used in conjunction to allow each other to reload/cool down, can provide an steady stream of damage to any but the most agile targets on the 31st century battlefield. Ill suited against aerial threats this unit will serve best against heavy or assault class targets.
Events / Last Man Standing Championships 30 June- 2 July
« Last post by duelist on June 20, 2017, 10:19:54 AM »
Are you the biggest badass to ever pilot a mech? Do people fear your name? Think you can take out ten mechs in the arena? Champion yourself a champion? Show off your amazing skills and prove it!
New this year: Infantry and Aerospace single event Championships.
Ok pilots! It is Fourth of July Weekend. More time off work. More time to spend with family… or to sneak into the basement and avoid the relatives! Come home mechwarriors! Warm up the engines and knock the rust out.
Champions Before Fireworks
Friday 30 June – Sunday 2 July
4 quarterfinals Friday and Saturday at times designed to maximize worldwide participation
Weight class championships either Saturday or Sunday
Open class Grand Championship either Sunday or Monday
SA Alshain
SA Coliseum
SA Dogfight (flyers only)
SA ForsakenV04
SA Glory
SA Goldenrocks
SA Helsgate
SA Jungle
SA Vista
Last Man Standing game mode restricted by weight class. Four quarterfinal qualifying rounds. One semifinal championship for each weight class. One infantry championship. One aerospace championship. One grand championship, open class, finale.
2 practice rounds, 3rd round counts for that weight class.
Play light > assault for each of the quarterfinals
Top 3 pilots advance from each weight class from each quarterfinal to the semi finals
Winner of infanty and aersopace championships invited to Grand Championship.
At large bids for championship and open championship if space allows
Top 3 pilots from each semi final invited to the Grand Championship
Quarterfinal Times (best guess, final times announced later)
Friday 30 June East Europe/Asia Time Friendly  ~18:00 UTC
Friday 30 July USA Night ~ 22:00 Central Standard
Saturday 1 July Early Morning Europe/Late Night Canada
Saturday 1 July Primetime 16:00 UTC
Saturday 1 July Late Aerospace Championship
Saturday 1 July Late Infantry Championship
Sunday 2 July Open Class Qualifier
Sunday 2 July Semis
Sunday 2 July Grand Championship
Quarterfinal 1
SA Alshain
Quarterfinal 2
SA ForsakenV04
Quarterfinal 3
SA Goldenrocks
Quarterfinal 4
SA Vista
Light Championship
SA Glory
Medium Championship
SA Helsgate
Heavy Championship
SA Jungle
Assault Championship
SA Coliseum
Grand Championship
SA Jungle
Infantry Championship
SA Refinery
Air Championship
SA Dogfight
USA based Huntress Network
Open to other servers if we get “donations” in time
How to host a server
  More details later
Basically have all of the maps loaded, preferably in a levelrotation
Set game mode to Last Man Standing
Set money to a lot, at least 200,000 a player
Contact duelist with server name, location, and server administrator
Administrator need not be around but it would help
More information coming soon. Main thing is to spread the word right now…
Event leader board with total kills and points
Community created content / Re: MWLL Weapons/Vehicle Stats + Armor Values
« Last post by cest73 on June 19, 2017, 06:39:18 PM »

There was no better image
(sorry i was in a hurry)
 :o asset prices included (without spare ammo  :-\ )
ammo prices as well

Toast / Re: New Sound Police On Patrol
« Last post by ELH_Goat on June 18, 2017, 05:53:06 PM »
It's cool dude, like I said this is toast, off topic is sort of the point. That and I'm sure we're not the only armchair generals about. 

Also, coming back to the "why invade? wait, move in" ^^ after a few months :) The subversive (for any other side) long-term stuff has always been around, whether it's creating an "enviable" culture (aka civs "my people are now buying your blue jeans and listening to your pop music") or more in your face stuff - like giving strong booze to some aboriginal folks / peddling opiates (like actively supporting poppy cultivation etc) in Asia (can you say China for one). US does this in Afghanistan - "locals make their living off poppy fields we can't destroy them blahblah". Russia over its history has boozed some north native folks too, in a way - although maybe not intentionally/proactively - just moving in and living/trading with them and having booze around. As to why invade - because it's just the way this ebb and flow of history goes (being helped/driven by the TPTB) I'm not a fan of Israel, but Russia and Israel have something in common - "never again", that's why nukes
Toast / Re: New Sound Police On Patrol
« Last post by ELH_Goat on June 18, 2017, 05:41:14 PM »
I'm not wised in music (or anything) that much but here's some old stuff to police on :)

The good old "I'm riding the prairie on my stallion and my beloved Mary is thousand miles away knitting a stocking for me" sound from back before Elton John's got there :)
Toast / Re: New Sound Police On Patrol
« Last post by ELH_Goat on June 18, 2017, 04:53:43 PM »
Mr. Dwight's pianoing it out from 40+ years with Herculean edginess, nice, very nice! ;)
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